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Dr. Orsula Knowlton is an entrepreneurial healthcare leader spending most of her career in Philadelphia, PA.  She now resides in Amelia Island, Florida She has over twenty-five years of experience in the medication safety, and pharmacy industry, where she has heavily focused on delivering the highest quality of care to patients. Over the years, Dr. Knowlton has worked hard to lead diversity and inclusion efforts within her organizations. Likewise, she has always made time to give back by volunteering for nonprofit work.

One could say that Dr. Orsula Knowlton has two primary passions in her career; healthcare and entrepreneurship. It has always been her goal to make the lives of others happier and healthier. This includes supporting others, especially women, in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Dr. Knowlton has always been inspired to uplift those around her, supporting and sponsoring them for career growth. If more people stepped up to help others in this way, the world would be a better place. 

Dr. Orsula Knowlton has an extensive educational background. She attended the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, earning her Bachelor of Science degree (Pharmacy) and Doctor of Pharmacy. In addition, Dr. Knowlton earned her Master of Business and Administration through Temple University, Philadelphia. Since then, Dr. Orsula Knowlton has kept up to date by earning certificates and licenses as needed., She is actively licensed as a pharmacist in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

When it comes to her career, Dr. Orsula Knowlton has had plenty of opportunities to hone her experience. One of her earliest medical positions was as a Director for a Health Education Center. In this role, she provided innovative approaches to pharmaceutical care services within long-term care facilities and more. Following this, Dr. Knowlton held several other positions, including Chief Marketing, Business Development & Strategy Officer for ExcellerRx and Revolutioncare.

In 2005, Dr. Orsula Knowlton co-founded Tabula Rasa Healthcare, Inc. Tabula Rasa Healthcare provides medication risk mitigation, safety, and pharmacy solutions. This helps empower healthcare professionals and consumers when optimizing medication regimens. This includes helping others find alternative paths and helping to prevent adverse drug events and medication overload. As co-founder, Dr. Orsula Knowlton held many positions within the company, including President, Chief Marketing, New Business Development Officer, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, And President of the Board of Directors. Dr. Knowlton stayed with the company through 2022.

Currently, Dr. Orsula Knowlton is quite busy with two initiatives. The first is with TR-Strategies. TR-Strategies is a consulting firm that provides several services, sharing its pharmacy expertise regarding medication outcomes, ethics, business development, and more. As the founder and president, Dr. Knowlton is responsible for merger and acquisition consulting, due diligence, and business development. The second initiative is The Calvin and Orsula Knowlton Foundation, Inc. The foundation supports a wide range of causes, including education. As president, Dr. Orsula Knowlton identifies and establishes pledges that make the largest impact.  The Foundation has been a long-standing donor to the American Pharmacists Foundation supporting their fellow in residence focusing on pharmacy association management. 

Due to her extensive experience, Dr. Orsula Knowlton has been involved in several publications. These publications include educational books, pharmaceutical supplements, and articles. She has been asked to share her knowledge via presentations and received several honors and awards for her hard work.

To learn more about Dr. Orsula Knowlton, visit DrOrsulaKnowlton.net and DrOrsulaKnowlton.org.


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